What draws visitors to your website? – Chum and baiting the hook

As a resource that markets your business or service and informs your audience what you are about, your website is also a crucial resource to find new customers and clients. Thus, what draws visitors to your website?

This can be best described by using an analogy – chum and baiting the hook.

Think of yourself on an ocean fishing trip. First of all, you want to attract fish to your boat so you can catch them. In order to do this you need to throw chum in the water. This gets the fish interested and they are drawn to the area. They start swimming around the boat and are ready to feed. The next thing you have to do is bait a hook and actually catch them. Your website and social media presence are similar. You need to attract the attention of interested people and ultimately get them to purchase your product or service.

Social media and emails are the chum, your website is the baited hook

Social media and email campaigns to a large extent is really the chum component. The aim of these elements is to get content out that would attract potential visitors to your website. Social media posts with alluring content and great images or video will get people to notice you, peek their interest and visit your website. Hence. the more chum you throw in the water, the greater the number of fish …..you get the picture.

Throwing the chum in the water is the easier part. Actually catching the fish is a little trickier. Getting visitors to act by either purchasing or signing-up for your service is the catch and needs very sharp focus for best results!

To be effective and actually close the sale, your website must have compelling visual and written content. Compelling means a balance between visual (look and feel) and specific content to affect the conversion. As a result, your site must be easy to navigate and follow. Consequently, there must be a logical sequence that makes the visitor want to explore, engage, and do business with you. The importance of this cannot be over emphasized.

Chum and baiting the hook - what draws visitors to your website?

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