website design services

Website Design Services – Key Features

  • All inclusive website design services – consultation, research, content, design, build and SEO.
  • Pricing based on complete project – I do not count hours and minutes.
  • Fully responsive design using the latest WordPress technology.
  • Ongoing training and support.
  • All inclusive website design services 100%
  • Pricing based on complete project! 100%
  • Latest WordPress technology – fully responsive design 100%
  • Ongoing training and support 100%

All Inclusive Service

  • Fact finding and understanding exactly what your objectives are no matter how long it takes.
  • A consultative approach from start to finish.
  • Research, content, design and Photoshop imaging as required.
  • SEO done right from the beginning – metrics analysis and testing is inclusive.
  • Social media integration and linking.

all inclusive website design and developmet service

small business websites at affordable prices

Very Affordable Pricing

Pricing is based on the complete project, not hours and minutes. This will save you a lot of money! Invariably, a lot more goes into building a great website than initially thought. The pricing structure includes any additions and changes as part of the initial project. Once your budget and parameters have been set, you do not have to worry about additional spend based on extra time.

It takes a small business owner to know a small business owner – service and delivery at an up-front, affordable price. Makes entire sense!


Pricing is determined after extensive and free consultations with you. Website design and development time is determined by;

  • Scope and complexity of each project.
    • Do you have your own content?
    • Do you you require content writing and research?
    • Do you require an e commerce site?
    • Graphics requirements – Photoshop and video?
    • Blogs and posts
    • Social media integration
Payment method

Payment is made in equal weekly installments which enables you to manage your cash-flow. Billing is weekly in advance – the first weekly installment is paid on the project commencement date. A large upfront deposit is not required!

After the project is complete

Minor tweaks and adjustments after the project is completed are not charged for. For longer additional work, for example, new pages, content writing, product catalog changes etc. – pricing will be based on the scope of work in consultation with you.

Price for additional advice

Always FREE!

Training and Support

  • Where you do want to have control of your website, full training is provided as part of the project.
  • For certain users, access to the website can also be limited to specific modules only. For example, access to new posts or products. It is recommended that full administrative control is strictly limited.
  • Website data is regularly backed up. Training will include this important administrative procedure should you want full control.
  • For convenience and a hassle-free experience – my website design services also include periodic maintenance support.

website design training and support services